Espresso Cheesecake

Espresso cheesecake

Secret Recipe’s Espresso cheesecake…an interesting blend of
baked creamy cheese with espresso coffee

It’s my birthday tomorrow. Today, i went out for a Yong-tau-foo brunch with my family. My brother bought this cake for us. It’s a coffee cheesecake. Sinfully rich but not too sweet with the wonderful aroma of coffee, this cake is simply glorious.

If you want this cake, you can get it at the Secret Recipe outlets.

RM6:30 per slice
RM70 whole

Espresso cheese cake birthday


7 comments so far

  1. She's Jess on

    Hey, happy birthday!

  2. foodylicious on

    Thanks Jess.

  3. Babyboss on

    Sayang, why u go chop of the tip of the cake on the first shot? And the plate kena shadow wor.

    The second shot…depth of field is not enough lar. The front tip of the cake is not sharp. U gotto use at least f8 on a 50mm lens. 🙂

  4. foodylicious on

    hey Babyboss…thank you for the constructive comments.

    Yeah i was very the irritated with the shadow. I couldn’t get rid of it. The shot was taken by a window. So to get rid i need some lights right?

    Depth of feel comment…ah i learn something new here. I always just use the lowest f number by default thinking that the lens is faster that way, thus preventing blur. Now i know why the f is important.

    Chop tip of cake …wanna be artistic ma. 🙂

  5. Sashi on

    Art is not what I notice first in these pics. What I see is cake that is not in my hand. 😛

  6. foodylicious on

    ha ha ha…Sashi, you crack me up!

    I can ASSURE you, that the next cake you see on this site, was in your hand. 😉

  7. Liz on

    Sashi, the cake was DELICIOUS….yum, I eat until don’t want to eat. Bwah ha ha ha ha >:-).

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