Cherry muffins and more at a Wii Fit gathering

Freshly baked cherry muffin topped with cream

I was visiting a friend, and was served this yummy dessert fresh-out-of-the oven. A cherry muffin topped with fresh cream. The muffin is still warm and you have to eat it quick before the delicious cream melts. Biting into the outer crunchy crust and soft inner muffin, you will find a warm soft cherry inside. Absolutely yummy. Thanks Shaun for the invite!

Here are other delicious items we had at the get-together. Read more »


Good food in Singapore

Food in Singapore

Food in Singapore…

Singapore Prawn Noodle Read more »

Crocodile bread

Crocodile bread

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My very first cupcakes

My very first cupcakes

They look like Valentine Cupcakes don’t they?

Thanks to food blogs and especially a cake decoration blog i visit called Baking Project, i had the urge to try making cupcakes.

I made cupcakes for the very first time recently. Now this will not ever happen again. I don’t mean i will not make cupcakes ever again, on the contrary, i think i will be baking many of those little babies in the near future. What i meant by “this will not ever happen again” is that i will not be making them “for the 1st time” ever again. There’s only one “first times” to everything in life isn’t it?

My first attempt turned out quite well, but not without some hiccups. Read more »

Espresso Cheesecake

Espresso cheesecake

Secret Recipe’s Espresso cheesecake…an interesting blend of
baked creamy cheese with espresso coffee

It’s my birthday tomorrow. Today, i went out for a Yong-tau-foo brunch with my family. My brother bought this cake for us. It’s a coffee cheesecake. Sinfully rich but not too sweet with the wonderful aroma of coffee, this cake is simply glorious. Read more »

Bittersweet grapefruit


If you have not tasted the grapefruit, you should try it. It is very much like the pomelo. The juicy fruit from the citrus family is among other things…bittersweet.


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